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VETEMENTS started in 2014 as a Swiss luxury fashion house and “design collective” founded by Georgian fashion designers Demna Gvasalia and Guram Gvasalia. The brand experienced near-immediate success, with Demna being hired to Balenciaga after only three collections at Vetements. In 2019 Demna left the brand.

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Shop the best quality apparel at this Vetements official website and make a bold statement on any occasion. This online shop comes with different collections and each has the latest styles sorted for you. Whether you are looking for branded DHL t-shirts or you want oversized hoodies, we have got all of it here. All these items are of the finest quality as we have focused more on providing premium quality apparel. You get a diverse range of styles, designs, fits, colors, and sizes here. Have a look at your desired section and shop according to your taste.

Vetements- A Luxury Fashion House

Vetements is a famous French fashion house that was founded in 2014. The passionate Georgian designer Demna Gvasalia and his brother Guram established this Swiss luxury fashion label. This clothing line quickly gained recognition for its traditional fashion staples, luxurious fabrics, and unconventional and emphasizing fits. It is known for its rebellious spirit which is reflected in its every design. Vetements has been offering quality designs with streetwear influence and a touch of modern elegance.

Vetements experienced peak success when Demna became the creative director of Balenciaga just after three drops at Vetements. He infused a mix of iconic and contemporary fashion to the brand. It offers a huge selection of clothing items including jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, shirts, shorts, and sweatpants. Each piece offered here blends high fashion with everyday elements. The designer of this label clearly knows how to blur the line between streetwear and luxury fashion. Explore the official Vetements shop to get classic-style outfits online.

Product Categories

Several iconic collections are categorized at this official store. The main items of this official store are hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, shorts, jackets, and shirts. Check out the entire online store to shop for quality items online at affordable prices.

Vetements Hoodies

Vetements is renowned for its oversized hoodies and we have a huge collection here for you. Hoodies that have become a must-have wardrobe staple are available in numerous styles and colors at this store. Printing patterns, motifs, provocative designs, and ironic statements design these. The brand’s motto of streetwear influence is reflected in each hoodie offered in this collection.

Vetements Shirts

Our official store offers a diverse range of summer tees to those seeking streetwear aesthetics and modern fashion. From oversized summer tees to classic button-ups, we have got several designs and styles for you here. Shirts offered at this online website feature different cuts and designs that make them unique in style. Go through all the trendy options and get versatile summer tees for yourself.

Vetements Sweatshirts

Vetements sweatshirts is a huge collection, offering several different designs and fits. Whether you want a simple logo-printed Vetements hooded sweatshirt or you want graphic pattern items, this section has got all for you in one place. The quality of each product in this collection is best as we have used the finest quality fabric in their construction. Also, shop the limited edition sweatshirts from our online store.

Limited Edition Items

Our Vetements official website also offers limited drops and exclusive collections. Vetement clothing that is not available somewhere else are all sorted in our latest assortment. Limited edition apparel resulting from famous collaborations with artists and brands is also available at this store. Have a better shopping experience online by exploring this website and getting quality apparel online.

Who Founded Vetements?

Vetements was founded in 2014 by Georgian brothers Guram and Demna Gvasalia. It is a popular French fashion house, known for its modern streetwear-inspired designs and luxurious fabrications.

What Are The Trendy Pieces Of Vetements?

The creative and unique designs of Vetements always leave an impact on the fashion industry. The DHL t-shirts, oversized hoodies, trench coats, and reimagined denim are some of the iconic pieces of Vetements.

Where To Buy Authentic Vetements Items Online?

You can explore the official Vetements website to get the latest apparel online. This official online store has the latest collections, limited releases as well as exclusive apparel. Browse this website, check out its different categories, and shop now to avail discounts